Mullsjö Plant & Tech Center


Mullsjö Plant & Tech Center

Serving Kongsberg Automotive's Powertrain & Chassis business segment

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Fabriksgatan 3-4, Box 504

SE-565 28 Mullsjo


Phone: +46 392 380 00

At a glance

> Global tech center for the Powertrain & Chassis business segment (EU)

> Opened in 1946; part of Kongsberg Automotive since 1996

> In-house build of tool and fixtures

> Product range includes gear shifters, head restraints, injection
    moulded parts, crash brackets, stamped parts, expansion tanks
    and power electronics such as on-board chargers 

Kongsberg Automotive AB Mullsjö originates from the two companies - Mekania established in 1946 and Scandia established in 1950. Forsheda acquired the two companies in the 1980s, and we became Scandmec. In 1996 Scandmec was acquired by Kongsberg Automotive.

KA Mullsjö is a full service plant with revenues exceeding EUR 100 million. A new global (EU) tech center for Driveline and Interior (divested in 2022) was innaugurated in late 2014.

KA Mullsjö produces gear shifters for both passenger cars and heavy vehicles, head restraints, crash brackets, expansion tanks and power electronics such as on-board chargers.

The plant consists of: