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300 South Cochran St.


77378, TX

United States

Phone: +1 936 856 2971

At  a glance

> Opened in 1980, a part of Kongsberg Automotive since 2007

> The product range includes pedals, heavy duty cables, controls,
   conduit and core

Kongsberg Automotive Willis was established in 1980. The Willis facility has employees in several different areas including finance, design, testing, product management, purchasing and operations.

Willis is a full-service facility, helping to ensure that we can supply our customers with products from concept to production, testing, and delivery. 

Willis manufactures a wide range of products that include pedals, heavy duty cables, controls, conduit and core.

We also serve over 250 customers which includes some of the most recognized names within the construction and agriculture market place.  We pride ourselves on being flexible to our customer needs to ensure that we continue grow our customer intimacy.