Ramos Arizpe


Ramos Arizpe

A Part of Specialty Products (Flow Control Systems)

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Avenida Sanden 1155

Parque Industrial VYNMSA

Ramos Arizpe


CP 25903



At  a glance

> Ramos Arizpe Plant is a part of Specialty Products business segment and Flow Control Systems (FCS) business unit

> Opened in 2018

> Ramos Arizpe specializes in production of Fluoro-Comp® and Nylon hoses

Kongsberg Automotive Ramos Arizpe, Mexico has been supplying Fluoro-Comp® / Nylon media transfer solutions since 2018 and continues to serve with innovative and competitive products. 

> The facility is spread across approximately 45,288 square feet

> Manufactures Tier 1 heavy duty and automotive part components

> Products manufactured include Nylon and Fluoro-Comp®, metal bending, robotic and forming machines