Yangsan Plant

South Korea

Yangsan Plant

Part of the Powertrain & Chassis business segment

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  • 160, Eogok-ro, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea

50591 Korea

Phone: +82 55 370 0700


At a glance

> Plant opened in 1980, part of Kongsberg Automotive from 2001

> The product range includes V-stay stabilizers, gearshift cables, clutch boosters, master cylinders, clutch servos, flex hoses, air couplings, air tubes, and twistlock

The company Yang-Ji was establised in 1972 in Busan-City, production moved from the facilities in Busan City to the city of Yangsan in 1980. In 2001, the company Kongsberg Automotive Limited - M&A Jung-Ang was established.

Today Yangsan manufactures V-stay stabilizers, gearshift cables, clutch boosters, mater cylinders and clutch servos. Since  2014 the plant also produces servo shifters.

Yangsan is the sole Kongsberg Automotive plant producing Asian type clutch boosters, for clutch actuation systems and have 100% market share in Korea.